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Trimming the Fat for Fiction Writers

Are you a writer who feels incredibly out of her depth?

When a first-time writer gets close to completing her very first novel, the process that lies ahead can be daunting. The undertaking of self editing alone can be depressing, not wanting to omit anything because this book is your baby, but knowing you need to slim it down.

One of my clients told me recently that she is "super duper excited but terrified at the same time." There is an entire world of never-before-seen people and places that exist inside her mind. Being excited to introduce that world to audiences in our world is exhilarating and like she said, terrifying, too.

She continued to say, "It's my baby...but it's fat. It needs a diet."

My reply was, "If you feel the need to trim the fat, you should trim the fat."

Here are 5 Tips for Self-Editing for Fiction Writers that will help you do just that, trim the fat.

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