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Editorial Portfolio

I am a person with a love of the English language—from the commas and semicolons to the subject-verb agreements. Proper spelling, punctuation, syntax, and sentence structure all come second nature to me, giving me that nerdy edge I felt was a curse when I was young. As an adult, I embrace the nerd within.


With line and copy editing as my specialty, my focused attention to detail is unparalleled, as well as my dedication and follow through on projects. As I approach each new editing assignment with the author in mind, my philosophy is to maintain the author's authenticity. For instance, there are times I will restructure a sentence; however, in doing so, the writer's distinguished uniqueness remains.


When it comes to writing, people often make mistakes and that is okay. To err is human after all. Writers are so emotionally invested in their own work that they fill pages with superb ideas but fail to express their true intent with the best choice of words possible.

This is where The Werd Nerd comes in.


What I look for:

- Typographical Errors
- Grammatical Mistakes
- Run-on Sentences
- Incorrect Punctuation
- Subject-Verb Disagreements
- Sentence Fragments and Lengths
- Spelling Errors
- Capitalization Misuse
- Verb Tense Shift
- Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers
- Common Errors in Word Usage
- Pronouns - Antecendent Agreement
- Pronouns with Essential and Nonessential Clauses
- Structure and Theme
- Organization
- Syntax


Whether it is a fiction book or a small-business website, it doesn't take much to make a piece of writing interesting to me. My tastes are eclectic and my mind is sharp.




Jameson Management & Marketing

Content Editor

Jameson Management & Marketing is an active dental marketing agency responsible for developing and publishing over 200,000 words every month in social media posts, website content, and blog posts, the latter of which I edit 800 - 1,500 words per week and follow the guidance of their in-house style guide and the American Dental Association (ADA).

Calusa Bay Properties

Content Editor

At the request of Taber Tagliasacchi, founding partner and owner of Calusa Bay Properties, I performed content editing on this entire  website beginning in May 2022, and continue to provide my editing services as needed for her and her team.

HOME & DESIGN Magazine

Contributing Editor

From October 2020 through January 2023, my role as copy editor for HOME & DESIGN Magazine involved correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, along with checking text against house and AP style and rewriting text to improve clarity as needed.

J.R. Evans Engineering

Website Content Editor

I performed copy and line editing on this website per Mr. Evans' request. I did so with MS Word via track changes.

Dalton Carpet One

Content Editor

In collaboration with the Marketing Manager at Dalton Carpet One (DCO) in Dalton, Georgia, I performed copy and line editing on their entire site. I copied and pasted content into MS Word documents and sent the Marketing Manager three to five MS Word documents with track changes per week, most of which she then applied to the DCO website. I continue to provide my editing services to DCO on an as needed basis where blogs and their portfolio are concerned.

Pinterest Management & Consulting

Freelance Copy Editor | Website Content Editor

Copying and pasting each website page into a MS Word document, I used track changes to perform edits for Kristy G. After receiving all of the edited documents, Kristy asked to retain my services for future web content editing, and I happily agreed.

Aham Yoga

Website Content Editor

I performed copy and line editing on Brenna Rollie's website. I copied and pasted the textual content of her site into MS Word documents and sent them to her with track changes that she then applied to her website.

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