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About Me

Erika M. Weinert is a line and copy editor who lives in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), and in August 2022, she became a debut author. She is also an active member of the Northwest Editors Guild​, a regional, industry-specific association of editors. She currently provides remote line and copy editing services for Jameson Management & Marketing; Dalton Carpet One in Dalton, Georgia; and authors of fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy, action/adventure, and paranormal romance.

Erika is also a wife and a mother. She's been married since 2008. The same year, she and her husband brought their only child into the world. Family is her number-one priority in life, which is why Erika takes evenings, weekends, and holidays off. That, and to avoid burnout. Since editing is her passion, burnout is not an option.

Line and copyeditor Erika M. Weinert, The Werd Nerd

My dream from the time I was five or six years old was to be a renowned author, and slowly that vision metamorphosed into what it is today. I became a behind-the-scenes fixer of words, a line and copy editor who supports writers on their journeys to success. And recently, I became an author!

Though I've been editing since 2012, I completed an editing course with Poynter University in August 2020, again achieving the high standards that I aim for in everything I do. I also became a member of the Northwest Editors Guild a couple of years ago. This nonprofit organization "connects clients with professional editors of the written word in the Pacific Northwest and beyond."

In my spare time, I make jewelry and read good books by either well-known authors or by indie authors whom I've met on Instagram. I'm also a horror-movie fan, so if you have a manuscript that you think is too scary, I'm probably your target audience.

Wanna know more?

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