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About Me

Erika M. Weinert is a copy and line editor who lives in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). She is an active member of the Northwest Editors Guild​, a regional, industry-specific association of editors. She currently provides remote copy and line editing services to Home & Design Magazine, based in Naples, Florida; Dalton Carpet One in Dalton, Georgia; and authors of fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy, action/adventure, and paranormal romance.

Erika is also a wife and a mother. She's been married since 2008. The same year, she and her husband brought their only child into the world. Family is her number-one priority in life, which is why Erika takes evenings, weekends, and holidays off. That, and to avoid burnout. Since editing is her passion, burnout is not an option.

Some History

The Werd Nerd in fourth grade

I was born to be an editor. It may sound cliché, but it's true. You'll see. Keep reading.
In fourth grade, I wrote a children's story that won first place in all of Los Angeles County. The theme was "Flowers, Trees, and Me," and in my story a little girl wandered from her parents during a family outing and made friends with trees, flowers, and a group of animals that could all talk. It was fun! 

I earned A’s in English all throughout my school career. It was, by far, my favorite subject, until I reached high school. Creative Writing tied for first place my junior year.

The Werd Nerd in seventh grade

In seventh grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Smith, distributed a paper to the class. This paper was proposed as the epitome of perfection—no errors to speak of. Well, I found a typo, and when I pointed it out in front of the entire class, Mrs. Smith pushed back.
She told me, "That's impossible!" and went on to say that a number of other teachers had looked it over and none had found any errors. I found out that this paper had circulated through five or six teachers in order to perfect it. Mrs. Smith finally listened to me. She walked over to my desk and freaked out when she realized I was right. She ran out of class to show the other teachers who had looked it over.
Recently, I asked my best friend at the time, Kristen, if she remembered this event, and her response was, "Never have I ever seen another student do that to a teacher—especially at that age! It was fantastic." I feel bad for disrupting class, but I felt strongly about sticking to my guns about the error. I wasn't going to let it go, and our teacher got pretty upset about it.
I've always remembered that day in English class, and I'm so glad Kristen remembers, too, because it was a career-defining moment.

The Werd Nerd's high school photo senior year 1998

The Creative Writing class I took in high school was a productive outlet. This angsty teenager had a space to vent all of her frustrations. There is something to be said for therapeutic writing/journaling. In 1998, a poem I wrote in that class was published in Poetic Voices of America by Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum.

A few of my poems from back then are available on my blog.

My first job was as an assistant at the town library, where I learned the dewey decimal system and worked alongside the librarian at the time, a lovely woman. For two consecutive summers, I shelved books, checked out books and recommended books to patrons, and I read children's books to small groups of tots on a weekly basis.

The Werd Nerd working as an admin at a biotech company

In December 2014, I began working as a receptionist at a biotech company where I soon became the administrative assistant, serving the needs of nearly every department, including all executive personnel.

On top of all my administrative duties, I assisted the marketing department by editing their communications and promotional materials, and I assisted the quality department by looking over documents such as standard operating procedures (SOP) for any errors.

I lost my job there due to cutbacks, and my editorial talents came in handy with nearly every position I held after that, including a flooring company whose website and other promotional materials I edited in collaboration with the Founder/President of Movaic, Inc.

The Werd Nerd in her home city of Everett, Washington 2021


My dream from the time I was five or six years old was to be a renowned author, and slowly that vision metamorphosed into what it is today. Instead of becoming a well-known author, I became a behind-the-scenes fixer of words, a copyeditor who supports writers on their journeys to success.

Though I've been editing since 2011, I completed an editing course with Poynter University in August 2020, again achieving the high standards that I aim for in everything I do. Recently, I became a member of the Northwest Editors Guild. This nonprofit organization "connects clients with professional editors of the written word in the Pacific Northwest and beyond."

In my spare time, I make jewelry and read good books by either well-known authors or by indie authors I've met on Instagram. I'm also a horror-movie fan, so if you have a manuscript that you think is too scary, I'm probably your target audience.

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