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What people are saying about The Werd Nerd

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Dark Fantasy Author

"Erika not only elevated the language of my work, but she also improved my story. Erika does what all good collaborators do: She grasps her partner's intent and then helps them fulfill it. She’s hard working, enthusiastic, upbeat, and she knows how to cuss properly, an invaluable talent. I'm very impressed with Erika's command of the English language—as well as Chicano slang—and her writing talent. I learned a great deal working with her, and I recommend Erika wholeheartedly to any author. Thank you, Erika."

Mindy Durbin Testimonial Jameson.jpg

Mindy Durbin

Content Marketing Manager & Chief Editor

"Erika has been working with Jameson Management & Marketing for six months now, and we're happy to have her as part of our editing team. We create content for dental practices, and editing that content requires intense and ongoing learning about dentistry and dental procedures. Erika has not only learned about dentistry quickly, but she also adjusted to our processes and in-house style guide. She is a great communicator, always responsive, and open to feedback and learning. She's also been able to provide valuable feedback to us as well as help our writers to improve and grow. Working with an industry where precision of speech and accuracy of information is of the utmost importance, we are careful and picky about our editors. With Erika, I know our content is in good hands."

Taber Cropped_CMYK (002).jpg

Taber Tagliasacchi, P.A.


"Erika is a wonderful asset to our company; I am so happy we found her. Initially we worked together on our website. She was systematic in her approach, finding spelling and grammatical errors. Frequently throughout the project she sent detailed updates about her findings and suggestions. Since the overhaul on our website, she has reviewed most of our marketing literature and continues to do so. Erika is consistently detailed, responsive, and a joy to work with. You can tell that she truly cares about the quality of her work. I can’t thank you enough Erika!"

Keith Kapaldo headshot.jpg

Keith Kapaldo

Freelance Literary Editor

Kapaldo Editing

"Erika was my mentor this past year, and she was fantastic in that role. I learned everything I could have hoped for and more during our time. Erika also has a passion for making an author's work sing through gorgeous edits and solid editorial reasoning. Any author would be hard-pressed to find someone more dedicated and willing to put in the work."

Ron Lamberson

"Erika’s enthusiasm and passion were palpable within the first few minutes of our Zoom call. She has continued to surpass the initial high expectations that grew out of our first meeting. I am so grateful for her insightful recommendations and exceptional professionalism. Erika is highly responsive, encouraging, and respectful, and she has immediately become a trusted collaborator. I always look forward to her timely updates and suggestions. Above all, Erika makes me feel safe throughout the intimidating process of editing and rewriting. She rocks!"

Elizabeth Mitchell, author of The Deceivers

Dark Fantasy Author

"After a previous editor went MIA on me, Erika came to the rescue and saved the day. She went above and beyond, working tirelessly on my manuscript and possessed qualities that I wasn’t used to—she paid attention to detail, was actively engaged in the storyline, and even returned my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I was also impressed with her ability to clearly recall the characters  during our conversations and I appreciated all of her suggestions and insights while having to work with such a tight timeline. For a first time author, I ran into more than several challenging obstacles but Erika had the ability to walk me through them all.  I couldn’t have done it without her! We’ve already made plans to work together on the next book in the series."

J.R. Evans Engineering

Joshua R. Evans, P.E.

J.R. Evans Engineering, P.A.

“Erika did a great job editing our website content. It flows with a  consistent style that we could not have done on our own.”

Creative Design and Print Art Director and Graphic Designera

Jennifer Betterman

Owner/Art Director/Graphic Designer
Creative Design & Print

"Erika is a dream to work with [at HOME & DESIGN Magazine]! She is so knowledgeable and takes time to explain why she suggests her changes. She taught me so much during our last project and I am thrilled that we will be able to work together again very soon! The quality of our project was most definitely improved by Erika's input."

Alex Galassi author

Sci-fi/Fantasy Author

"Erika helped me grow more confident in my writing. Her Manuscript Evaluation is thorough and extremely helpful. Thank you for helping me make my first book the best it can be."

Jocelyn Paxson Trott Kitchen and Bath Designer at Dalton Carpet One

Jocelyn Paxson Trott

Kitchen & Bath Designer
Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home

"This has been my first experience with a copyeditor, and I can't imagine using anyone else. Erika has been amazing! Having her expertise allows us to focus our time and energy on other areas of the business, knowing that our content is in her hands. Erika’s keen eye for detail and impressive editing and rewriting skills ensures that our online presence is professional and brand consistent. I would highly recommend Erika and look forward to continuing to work with her on Dalton Carpet One content."

Tansie Lexington author on Amazon

Tansie Lexington

Sci-fi/Horror Writer

"Thank you to Erika (The Werd Nerd) for her critical eye with the line/copy edits on my manuscript. It was exciting to work with such an accomplished editor. I felt comfortable with her suggestions, and as we progressed with the modifications, it became apparent how precise and professional her work is.

My experience partnering with Erika was thrilling—to have an experienced editor read with engagement and thoroughly understand my story was encouraging and enlightening. I am a better writer now as a result of Erika's input.  

I am working on the sequel to the novella she edited and another series of short novellas, and I cannot wait for The Werd Nerd to get her hands on the new body of work."

Emily Fitzgerald

Emily Fitzgerald

Former Editor in Chief

HOME & DESIGN Magazine

"Erika is an exceptional copy editor and has become a vital part of our editing process. She is always extremely professional and prompt to respond when provided with assignments. Erika picked up my slack during our recent production cycle as I left earlier than expected on maternity leave. We greatly appreciate her contribution to the magazine and would recommend using her without hesitation!"

J.L. Craft author

J. L. Craft

Fantasy Writer

“For a first-time author, the idea of an evaluation and array of editing services may seem daunting and, quite simply, terrifying! It’s a very intimate process to open up and offer your work to be scrutinized in order to improve it. 


With that being said, from the first email to the last, Erika made me feel completely comfortable. She was wonderfully supportive and did such a thorough job on my manuscript evaluation—I couldn’t be happier. There were many insights and encouragements along the way. I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about her and her work.


Thank you for everything, Erika!”

Kristin Sailors Marketing Manager at Dalton Carpet One

Kristin Sailors

Marketing Manager

Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home

"Erika has been wonderful to work with! We began working together on our website. She provided edits for each of our webpages that were easy to follow and greatly improved the written content on our site. We are now working with Erika to edit new content before it is added to our website. These edits get back to us in a very timely and organized fashion. We are so lucky to have Erika as a resource to ensure we’re presenting our company in a professional way digitally. Working with Erika also saves us from finding spelling and grammatical errors we wished we’d found before our clients or other visitors read our content. We would highly recommend working with Erika!"

Brenna Rollie Aham Yoga

Brenna Rollie


Aham Yoga

"Without Erika’s help my website would have been floating around the internet with punctuation errors and sentences that resemble the way that I talk rather than correct structure. Erika helped me each step of the way and returned her corrections in a very timely fashion so I could feel confident sharing my website as I was launching my new program. Definitely worth it!"

Danielle M. Orsino author of The Birth of the Fae book series

Fantasy Author

"Erika is not only professional and timely with her work, she truly cares about the client. She takes the time to get to know you, going above and beyond to deliver top notch quality work with heart and soul, which is rare to find in this day and age. I highly recommend Erika and will return for future projects."

Amber Marie Smyth author of paranormal romance

Paranormal Romance Writer

"My manuscript evaluation was so thorough and well-structured that all of the fears I had about my manuscript completely disappeared when I read it. I am so excited to continue working with Erika (The Werd Nerd), as she has made this hair-brained author feel a ton better and has given me the confidence to take my writing to the next level!"

Aubrey Graves author of the paranormal Santa Cruz

Author of the Paranormal

"She has edited seven of my paperbacks since 2012. Typos have a negative impact on your projects, and she made my work flawless. Out of the four editors I have used throughout my writing career, Erika is the best editor I have ever had!"

Kristy Garland Pinterest Strategist

Kristy Garland

Pinterest Strategist

New Start Consulting

"She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to her excellent accomplishments, she has proven her ability by assisting my business clients with their proofreading needs."

Eulalio Magana

Eulalio Magaña

Former Promoter

Comedy Asylum

"As a comedy show promoter the funny is priority number one, but not if the joke is typos on your posters and merchandise. Working with The Werd Nerd has made my job much easier. She has saved me money by eliminating errors on printed material that might have to be reordered if it had typos or the date wrong."

Joe Blend of The Blend Family Storytelling Company

Artist & Storyteller

"Erika's work on our manuscript—without a doubt—elevated the quality of the book and gave us tremendous peace of mind as we entered the printing phase. My studio will definitely reach out to Erika regarding editing for our next book!"

Brittany Morgan

Brittany Morgan

Freelance Developmental Editor

"I had the pleasure of having Erika as my mentor [through Northwest Editors Guild], and I can say with utmost sincerity that it was an incredibly valuable experience. Erika’s guidance has been so helpful, and I shared a few pieces of the wisdom she bestowed upon me throughout our correspondence in this blog post. Maybe I should send Erika a fake beard?"

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