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Book Editing (Fiction) | Web Content Editing


Since 2011, I have performed manuscript evaluations and copy and line editing of fantasy, dark fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal fiction and action/adventure manuscripts. The fantasy genre has endless possibilities, so it's such a treat when I'm asked to review a manuscript full of magical prospects.


Business Owners:

Since December 2020 I have secured more clients for website content editing than ever before, including Dalton Carpet One in Dalton, Georgia. More and more business owners are realizing that spelling mistakes and other errors on their websites deter current and potential clients from staying on their sites, causing high bounce rates and website traffic to plummet.

Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation is an in-depth structural and developmental editorial report.

I read your manuscript all the way through while taking detailed notes, and those notes become an editorial letter filled with commentary on areas to tighten or cut, recommended enhancements in dialogue if needed, as well as suggested point of view (POV) switches if necessary to enhance your manuscript.

I also focus on your characters' personality traits and their physical descriptions, suggesting more or less details, depending on what is needed, keeping your target audience in mind. 

If the setting of your manuscript isn't fully realized, I will make suggestions on how to incorporate names of cities, states, and other more specific locations seamlessly.

Lastly, I do not only read a manuscript as an editor, but also as a reader. I will give you insight as to what questions your audience may have, what questions you should answer for the reader, and when to keep certain details a mystery.

Writing on a Notebook
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Line Editing

When I am performing line edits, I tend to keep an eye out for

  • clichés

  • idioms

  • errors in sentence structure

  • word redundancies

  • ambiguity (when a word or phrase has two or more possible meanings it can confuse a reader and make the meaning of the sentence unclear, such as "Leslie and Jane gave the dog a bath, and she got all wet." This simple sentence doesn't tell a reader who got wet. Since we don't know if the dog is male or female, and Leslie can be a man's name and a woman's name, the word she can refer to anyone mentioned in the sentence.) 

  • inconsistencies in verb tense

  • active versus passive voice

  • subject-verb disagreements

  • instances where a synonym should be used to show instead of tell

  • instances where mood and tone could be improved upon

  • smooth transitions between sentences, suggesting rewording if choppy

Copy Editing

As a copy editor, I meticulously work my way through a manuscript word by word, watching for

  • spelling errors

  • incorrect or misplaced punctuations

  • grammar mistakes

  • run-on sentences

  • subject-verb disagreements

  • missing words

  • capitalization misuse

  • dangling and misplaced modifiers

  • common errors in word usage

  • pronoun-antecedent disagreements

  • pronouns with essential and nonessential clauses

  • verb tense shift

  • syntax

On average, native English speakers find only sixty percent of errors. We copy editors not only check your content for the mistakes I previously mentioned, but we also ensure that your manuscript follows the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS), 17th edition.

Checking Text on a Document

Web Content Editing

Do you know that web designers do not employ editors to review content before it goes live? Some have copywriters who create relevant content, but even a copywriter needs another set of eyes on their work before it's shared with the public. Newspapers and magazines employ copy editors because they know that spelling errors on a website can cause high bounce rates, deterring potential clients and/or customers from returning.

Simple informational websites only need a one-time edit, whereas other sites that have a plethora of ever-changing information need ongoing editorial upkeep.

Before I edit web content, I obtain a list of SEO keywords to ensure they are not removed in the editing process. I add them to a style sheet specifically designed with your website in mind. Depending on client preference, I can edit web content in MS Word or in a content management system (CMS). From there, I look for errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, verb tense, style, etc. Any errors or inconsistencies I find are discussed with the website owner who always has the last word.

For flawless text and to keep visitors on your site longer, choose The Werd Nerd for your web editing needs. (See Pricing below.)

CONTACT ME to learn how we can work together to make your textual content radiate excellence.


Service prices do not vary dependent upon genre, but are subject to change. Any changes made will appear here.

  • Manuscript Evaluation: $1,000 for a manuscript up to 80,000 words with a $100 increase for each additional 10,000 words (same pricing format for manuscripts under 80,000 words: 60,000 words = $800, 40,000 words = $600, etc.)

  • Line Editing: $0.018/word

  • Copy Editing: $0.016/word

  • Copy Editing + Line Editing Package: $0.03/word

  • Web Content Editing: $30/hour

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