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Book Review: "The Savior's Champion" by Jenna Moreci

The Savior's Champion is told from the perspective of Tobias, a young man who works the fields to support his family but whose passion lies in art. Very much committed to his mother and sister and helping them in any way he can, he signs up for a deadly tournament where there can be only one winner—one survivor—all so his family may be monetarily compensated for his sacrifice.

Through blood and grief, and losing himself along the way, Tobias finds light in the darkness—in a healer girl named Leila. They develop a deep affection for one another, but the tournament's ultimate goal is to win the hand of the Savior—a woman whose mere touch can heal from within and whose appearance in the sunlight is blinding to those who look upon her. Tobias has no interest in the fair-skinned woman who sits upon the throne. He only has eyes for Leila. So they sneak around, talk for hours, and steal kisses when they can.

Throughout this dark fantasy romance, we're on the edges of our seats wondering what will become of these two love birds, and if Tobias will survive another round in the Savior's Tournament. With the other competitors doing anything and everything they can to claim the throne as the Savior's champion, Tobias is in the fight of his life.

With twists and turns, and a few surprises along the way, Jenna Moreci takes readers on a wild ride of contrasting emotions with bloodshed and carnage to delicate touches and passionate embraces, and she does so flawlessly. If you're a fan of dark fantasy, The Savior's Champion (and the sequel, The Savior's Sister) should be on your TBR list. This book series will soon become your favorite in the genre. It's definitely my favorite!

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