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Book review: "The Dragon of New Orleans – Book 1: The Treasure of Paragon" by Genevieve Jack

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance


He is cursed…

Gabriel Blakemore and his siblings are scattered while in exile on Earth for over three centuries. Moreover a voodoo queen, who can’t take no for an answer threatens to end his immortal life. His search for a solution leads him to a mortal woman.

She is at death’s doorstep…

Raven Tanglewood welcomes death after failed treatments for her brain cancer. A miracle comes in the form of Gabriel who uses dragon magic to save her. Feisty Raven decides to live her life to the fullest while at the same time trying to avoid being confined by him.

The clock is ticking…

Time is running out as the two of them fight each other at every step. But as Raven explores her awaken abilities, would she be powerful enough to undo the curse? Or would it be too late before they discover their love for each other?

My Review: 5 Stars

There’s magic and mayhem in the mystical city of New Orleans.

Raven accepts her death rather than continue to suffer from the cancer. In comes Gabriel, a dragon shifter exiled from the realm of Paragon. He makes a deal with her; he saves her mortal existence so that she would save him from the curse.

But Raven can’t be controlled. She tests Gabriel’s patience as she explores the magic within her. On the other hand, Gabriel may seem to be a brooding SOB but has a heart of gold.

Although there’s not much humor, the series of twists and turns makes up for the excitement in the plot. Adding in a couple of other supernatural beings can be scary but only makes it more interesting.

Genevieve expertly adds a bonus mystery about why Gabriel and his siblings were exiled from their native land of Paragon as Raven finds out she will play a key role in their return as the story progresses. This isn’t to be missed!


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