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A Writer’s Nightmare

To my audience:

The following email was sent to me by a client and it serves as my final blog post.

From: Rogustus Wright

To: Erika M. Weinert

Date: March 31, 2021

Dear Erika,

As I stamped the last letter of my draft manuscript onto pristine stationery using my manual Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter, I realized the time had come for an editor to review said fiction.

I needed someone to peruse the draft, prune grammatical errors, and polish the

narrative so the magic could shine through in all its fictional glory. However, I did not

need just any editor, mind you—I needed my editor. And so, I sent you an email


But what happened next was a shock of unimaginable proportions—you told me you

closed your business and joined the circus!

Uh, what?

In what I thought was a rather impersonal response, I received the following out-of-office

reply: "To whom it may concern, I joined the circus. I am done with words and

would prefer to apply my sharp mind to the antics and oddities of a Big-Top cavalcade.


(Of course, I am going to receive it a second time when I send you this letter, so now I

just feel stupid. But I have digressed...)

I was gobsmacked.