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Book Review: "The Archive of the Forgotten" by A.J. Hackwith

Though the characters do not return to earth in this sequel, readers will not be disappointed as we learn a great deal more about the captivating world A.J. Hackwith has created. The excerpts of the Library Log at the beginning of each chapter give audiences a glimpse of what's to come, and if read carefully enough, may hold the key to understanding the mysteries surrounding this book's plot.

The characters are well-thought-out and carefully woven with masterful development from start to finish. We catch a glimpse of character growth in the prequel, "The Library of the Unwritten," but the caliber of strength, dignity, and the power of connection this book entails leaves no room for stagnant characters.

The challenges faced by all in this engrossing novel are suspenseful, leaving a reader wondering, 'Is this it for poor—?' Readers will develop a better understanding of the world of muses, as well as a book's true nature. With no stone left unturned, all is gracefully unveiled, leaving an opening for yet another book in the series.

Not having as much time as I used to for leisurely reading, I had to put this book down at the most inopportune moments in the story's progression. Unintentionally leaving cliffhangers for myself was unpleasant, yet exciting at the same time. I recommend carving out a couple of hours or more per day to read this book, or better yet, I recommend reading it in one sitting if you can. I kind of wish I had.

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