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Cursing with Style is NOW AVAILABLE!

What if you had just one resource, a (mostly) all-inclusive dicktionary of expletives, at your fingertips? Imagine never again referring to multiple sources for the correct spelling of a cuss word. With over 100 entries, this book will aid you in keeping expletives like craptastic and shitstorm consistent throughout your clients’ manuscripts.


Writers, authors, what if you could have peace of mind with every word that drips from your profane reservoir of creativity? Cursing with Style can give you just that. When your editor queries your use of the hyphen in shit-ton, you can reply with confidence that your choice is valid because shit-ton is in this kick-ass dicktionary, and it’s written by an editor.


Erika M. Weinert is a professional copy and line editor with over ten years of experience in the industry. Having researched more bad words in her career than she cares to admit, Erika is now sharing her knowledge with other editors and their clients.


Cursing with Style will not only save you time and effort, it also looks great next to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Book News & Interviews

570 KVI Seattle talk show host John Carlson interviews Erika M. Weinert about her book, Cursing with Style, Thursday, September 1, 2022 on The Commute with Carlson.

570 KVI SeattleTalk Show Host John Carlson
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You can also listen to The Commute with Carlson: Everett author pens book "Cursing With Style" on Apple Podcasts.

Everett, Washington's Daily Herald reporter Andrea Brown has a column called "What's Up With That?" and on August 16, 2022, her interview with the author of Cursing with Style: A Dicktionary of Expletives took front page with the title "What the @#$%! Everett mom publishes a dictionary of curse words."

Administrator Jen Grogan with Northwest Editors Guild interviews the author of Cursing with Style: A  Dicktionary of Expletives for a "Meet the Editor" blog post called Cursing with Style with Erika M. Weinert, The Werd Nerd on August 11, 2022.