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Polly Letofsky My Word Publishing Coach

Publishing Coach at
My Word Publishing: Self-Publishing Consulting

At My Word Publishing we manage an author’s project through every detail of self-publishing—writing, editing, production, publication, distribution, even marketing. We do everything a publisher does, but you make all the final decisions; and you keep all your copyrights, royalties, and profits. 

There are three things that My Word Publishing does different than any other publishing company:

  1. We don’t do packages. Every single project we work on is custom designed for YOU the author according to your goals, genre, and vision.

  2. We don’t do contracts, so if you don’t continue to work hard for you after you sign up, then you can break the Agreement and you still own everything.

  3. You own 100% of all your rights, royalties, and decisions. All accounts are in your name.

If you’d like to chat with Polly about how My Word Publishing can help publish your book, schedule a consultation with her here:

PSST: Not to brag or nothin’, but we got an Excellence Rating from ALLi, the self-publishing watch-dog group.

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