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Comfort Oseni Content Writer and Coach

Comfort Oseni

Content Writer/Writing Coach

Everyone has a story to share. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, we all have a message for the world. However, it can become difficult to share one’s message without adequate knowledge about writing mechanics.

Hi, I’m Comfort Oseni and I am a writer as well as a writing coach. So you find it difficult to write your book? I would be delighted to assist you with coaching throughout the writing process. I also create online content such as social media posts, blog content, as well as sales copy which convert.

As a writing coach, I have trained over 200 people on developing effective writing skills, and still conduct trainings in that regard. I also help writers through the writing process till they are able to pen their messages down.

As a writer, I am able to understand what you want from your project. I am also an avid reader and you will often find me buried in an ebook.

Your message deserves to be read. I can’t wait to work with you.